Monday, August 19, 2013

I haven't blogged since Easter...
Huh, can't imagine what has kept me so distracted. 

Lets just say...three children? It's a zoo. I feel so duped! Nobody warned me about the mayhem, the laundry, the mess, the grossness, the laundry, the mere fact that going anywhere, and I do mean anywhere, is an act of congress, oh, and did I mention the laundry?

I guess they must have been distracted by all of the snuggles and sweetness. There is never a shortage of snuggles in this house :) And nobody's arms are ever empty for long! 

I will post my birth story eventually, but right now I'm just reveling in it all. Watching Isabella as a big sister, and David as a daddy to these little bitty babies, it's a lot for one heart to handle.

When I was pregnant I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to love them all, that I wouldn't have enough to go around, and all my friends and relatives reassured me, no way, man not possible, you'll have enough...

I didn't understand it until after they were was a major ah-ha moment. You DO love them all equally, you just love each one differently. It's so neat. 

Isabella is my sweetheart, my little nurturer, always looking out for others.

Nora-Jane is my quiet, calm little angel. Observes everything that goes on around here, whose face lights up with a face-splitting smile whenever you make eye-contact.

Beckett. Oh, Beckett. He is my little lion man. What little bit of fuzzy hair he has is bright red, a little angry at times, and LOUD. He knows how to get what he needs when he needs it, lets just say that :) 

I cannot believe they are almost three months old!

Here they are hours after birth

and here they are now...Beckett is putting up his dukes...

More to come soon...I have been trying to find a moment to write this post for about, uhm...13 hours :-P