Thursday, February 6, 2014

A day in the life.

I get a lot of "How do you do it?!" whenever I tell people that I homeschool...well, I don't really ever know how to answer that on any given day. 
I go into a day with a set plan, but with twins, you really just have to be open and willing to go with the flow...and some days that flow is easier than others. 
But for the most part, a typical day of homeschooling with infant twins goes something like this.

Wake-up, ice cold diet coke and a few minutes of blessed silence (and maybe a shower if I'm lucky, but usually no shower) before my kids all awake. OR I sleep in while Hubby gets ready for work, and I wake up in the midst of mayhem. Either way, diet coke IS involved.

Kids all wake up and it's diaper changes then breakfast time for all. This can take anywhere from an hour to an 1.5 hours when you count in clean-up.

Then Nora takes a 30-45 minute cat nap and then wakes up. This is like clock-work for her Every. Day.

Right now we're beginning our mornings by reading out of our new book. This is a great book for kids. It's an adaption of Pilgrims Progress. It's a sweet little story about a mouse traveling to the Evergreen Wood. I explain the symbolisms to Isabella as we read. 

Babies play while Isabella and I set the timer and do a 15 minute clean-up of the house, these are very productive, WAY more productive than any other cleaning regimen I have tried. I usually put in a load of laundry and assign Isabella a few little age appropriate chores. I always involve her with this because I think it's important for kids to take a roll in caring for the home. 

Plus it allows me to dole off the tasks I don't want to do. Just kidding. Kinda...

Time to clean up the table for school! I left a mess during my crafting time last night. I have Bella sort my little pieces into empty baby food containers. I knew I saved those things for a reason!

Beckett needs to nurse and lets me know he is READY for his morning nap, unfortunately, my twins do not nap at the same time, I have pretty much tried every trick in the book. 
So I get him asleep. Then...

...Nora lets me know that she has a surprise for me.

It's a doo-doo explosion.

The brown smear you see by her arm is totally poop. It was everywhere.

Time to hit the books! Isabella and I begin doing language arts
 Meanwhile...Nora rolls all around the room.

By now they're both hungry. So It's play time for those two while I make some lunch. 

Now Nora lets me know (quite loudly) that SHE is indeed, now ready for her "big nap" She is very easy to get to sleep...
But now guess who's awake? 
 Isabella and I do our math lesson, and I leave her at the table to begin her work sheets so that I can stuff the diapers and put a load of dirties in.

This here's my wet bag. It's full of dirty diapers. Unzip it and take a whiff, I dare you. 
I fill one of these puppies up about every two days. Then I just dump the whole kit-n-kaboodle into the washer and they come out looking like...


This here's my pile of clean diapers. They smell lovely and fresh.
There's always a pile of clean un-stuffed diapers somewhere in my house. I wonder what it feels like to have it all together and have organized cloth diapers? 

I'll let you know what that feels like if it ever happens. 

Hubby and I text back and forth sporadically...he's patient. And loving. And I love him. He sends me texts like,

 I love you, how is your morning?

And I text back stuff like,

HEY look at this picture of poop on Nora's back, it kinda looks like Elvis! Oh yeah I love you too. 


I have spit up crusted on my shirt collar. Coming home for lunch?
  Isn't technology grand?

Time for another one of these.

And then I decide that it's time to dip into my chocolate reserves...only, some little scallywag got into my chocolate and there's only two pieces left. 

So I do what every loving mother would do...I hide from my kids and I eat them myself.

I like how the bag says "Easy to eat!" As if I've ever been in the middle of stuffing my gob and thought to myself,
you know I'm really having a hard time eating this entire bag of chocolate...
I also would like to point out that I always keep a perfect manicure. My nails are never chipped.

So there you have it, throw in some meltdowns, maybe another poop or two, a few arguments with my 6-year-old and if I'm feeling feisty, a shower! 
WHOA! Lets not get too hasty here...ok, probably not a shower, but maybe a tooth-brushing?
Hubby gets home, somehow dinner gets cooked, and congratulations! You have survived another day. Please enjoy this moment of elevator music before you start the bedtime routine.
I love this life. Passes by like a minute. Soak it up, take pictures, document shocks me how fast my weeks fly by these days. These little mongers have me wrapped around their fingers, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 
Except maybe less poop.