Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Ice, ice, baby...

We've been iced in for a couple of days! Schools are out, David's work was cancelled, Netflix and Hulu are stocked with my favorite shows and my fridge is was prepped to be an awesome snowcation. 

We woke up this morning to about 1/2" of snow to top off the ice...not much as far as snow goes, but for Isabella and her friends it was the perfect amount for zipping down hills on their sleds, which they did...from 10 am until 6:30 pm. Only breaking for snacks and cocoa. These kids and their love of being outside getting dirty and playing all day are pretty darned special, I love their little guts.

Beckett and I spent the better part of an hour watching the kids zoom down the icy hill for the better part of an hour. Anytime he saw them speeding by he would say "whoa!!" I admit the speed they were gaining was pretty impressive for their little 40 lb frames. 

Every time We get snowed in I whip up a crock pot of home made hot chocolate. It's a big hit. 

I got a wild hair and decided to do some organizing. In a small house with 5 people living in it I have to get pretty creative as far as storage goes, I'm a huge toy rotator. I can't stand the feeling of waste when my kids are wallowing in a mess of 100 toys they're not interested in. So every two months I rotate. It helps their toys stay interesting and fresh and they love it. Bella is a little old for rotation now, most of what she does is craft, media or book related anyways, unless she's playing outside. But here's how I managed the twins closet. A few favorites in a shelf, their absolutely favorite toy in the world is their play kitchen and table. They "cook" for eachother for hours. 

Bins of blocks and puzzles are stored in here. Books we keep in the living room. The twins love it when I clean their room. 

Nora's got this whole thing figured out. Wait at the table for him to bring her food. 

I also enjoyed the lovely view of my new backsplash. My hubby sure did a great job. 

I just love under cabinet lights. They really add something. 

So many other household projects I want to delve into. I'm currently mentally preparing myself to paint the entire interior of the house grey and add crown molding. Just another step in the long process of getting our house seller ready.

Warm fuzzies brought to you by Smiles Inc. 



Wednesday, February 11, 2015

When B&N get quiet...

....mischief surely ensues....

Panty liners make great stickers.

Make-up makes a delightful splash.

Entire rolls of TP are simply irresistible. 

And lastly, milk makes a great medium! 

All is forgiven you adorable little miscreants, you! ❤️

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Shine baby shine

I was reading to the twins today and I just loved this passage. 

"Shine, baby, shine,
graceful child of mine.
Be like the firefly who glows
no matter how the darkness grows.
Shine, baby, shine."

- Maryann Cusimano Love
- Maria van Lieshout

I hope that if I accomplish anything in my parental career it's that I teach my kiddos to shine bright no matter what or who tries to "puff them out" :)