Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sent hubby off to work this morning without a flake in the air...but by mid morning an inch had already collected on the roads as he came shuffling through the front door. Yay! A snow day :)
Feeling very grateful for his schedule, even though I know he is stressing about make-up work and panicked e-mails from students. 
The selfish me is greedily excited that he's here and not there.

I carried on as usual, homeschooling Isabella, tending to the needs of the twins, hubby was afforded a front row seat to the day in the life of homeschooling, with Nora right in the middle of things :) We nearly always have a baby on the table with us.

Homeschooling an eager six-year-old, while flakes are violently swirling through the air outside, and two babies who need you, does not do much for attention spans ;-)

 Then both babies pooped up their backs and ruined their outfits and needed naps, so we took an extended break, ate lunch,then thankfully David stepped in and finished lessons with Isabella.
It's awfully convenient being married to a math professor :)

 Notice a baby in the middle? And a quite happy little chap I might add.

Isabella played outside with the neighborhood children until dusk, then came barreling in, rosy cheeked and chilled.
There's nothing more cozy than a warm house and rosy cheeked child just coming in from the snow. 

David gave us all a lesson in making snow cream, I was a little skeezed out. I ate a bite or two, but worried about snow collecting all of the pollution in the air. I might be a little paranoid.
After all of the littles were in bed asleep, I was finally able to snuggle up next to my man and watch the state of the union address. After about 20 minutes, one of the twins woke up, and then we were three.
but What a lovely, ordinary day. My most favorite kind. 
They're calling for snow all night, Isabella's pediatrician already called and cancelled her appointment for tomorrow, and David's work has already called off classes, I'm gearing up for potato soup and a crock pot full of hot cocoa. 
I am thankful for days at home with my favorite people. 

I'm also thankful for ruffled baby bottoms.