Thursday, September 27, 2012

I spent the day yesterday canning the remainder of my apples...24 half pints of apple butter oughtta do us for the winter. I only purchased half a bushel because I was unsure of the yield it would bring...but now I regret not getting a whole bushel, I would really like to can some quarts of apple pie filling. So perhaps I shall.
I love lining my pantry shelves with my home canned items. Scarcely few things feel more rewarding! Seeing my glittering jars of preserves, jams, fruits, vegetables and meats makes me feel like an industrious pioneer woman. Besides sewing, this is definitely one of the most valuable skills my mother has taught me.
Yesterday I felt unwell and was unable to do my usual volunteering in Isabella's classroom, but my heart threatened implosion when I picked her up. Yesterday was library day...the children listen to a story, and then are allowed to choose one book to keep for two weeks. Isabella was overjoyed to find a classic edition of Little Bear...our most favorite book to read since she was a baby...and also our favorite show to watch together. She was sitting at her desk very intently studying each page and reciting the stories from memory.


After homework, we listened/read our book on tape that Lovie got for her last year...somehow the cd had been lost in our move, but we were pretty excited to find it the other night tucked away in a box of...socks?! (I'm sure I had my reasons) Isabella adores read-along books...but they are hard to find these days! Definitely going to be scoping out Amazon for some more of these.

Before bed, she put her Grow-A-Spooky-Witch in a glass of water...The witch is still on the counter and hasn't grown a single centimeter :(


  1. I can't wait to sample yours and B's apple butter! Now that y'all are making it, maybe I want have too!