Tuesday, September 25, 2012

10 things that I love, love, LOVE!

1. I love watching my little girl's bakpack bouncing up and down while she's trotting merrily into school in the morning.
2. I love that she is already an accelerated reader (the only one in Kindergarten so far!) and has an insatiable need to read, just like her momma! I'm so proud.
3. I love that she has started calling David 'Papa-Dave' Kind of like the pizza...but better and much sweeter :)
4. I love that David has started hinting around about babies...and how it sure would be nice to have one around...
5. I love making and canning apple butter out of the apples that David and I procured on our romantic date this weekend at the apple orchard we found whilst out aimlessly driving around together...That was a serious run-on sentence.
6. I love the sweet little things David does for "his girls" as he calls Isabella and me :)
7. I love being called "his girls"
8. I love our silly hound dog, Polly-Nomial, and how she follows me everywhere I go, stays at my heels in the kitchen and sleeps at my feet while I'm at the sewing machine.
9. I love the autumn themed quilt I am finishing right now...I love that my little family will use this quilt for years to cover up with while watching tv, drag with us on hay-rides...perhaps I'll even lay a gurgling little baby on it some day.
10. I love daydreaming about my growing family, and what my children will become, and how David and I will someday sit and reminisce about how when they were young, shed a tear or two and hold hands....I just said 'and' a lot.
I love more than ten things.
I love having the opportunity to volunteer at Isabella's school, to give back, and to watch her interacting with her peers. I treasure these years!
And lastly, I love these random photos from my cell phone. Polly-Nomial waking me up in the morning with her cold, wet snout...Poll-Nomial's dangly dog jowels that I love to play with...Isabella doing her homework...Isabella and I mugging for the camera...and apparently Isabella using my phone to take pictures of herself.

Sometimes I wish I could press pause for a moment...