Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter re-cap

This is the only Easter picture I took this year.

It's been an off year. 
I even let Isabella choose her own dress from a...*gasp* department store rack. Not something I have EVER done. 

But she clutched it to her bosom and pleaded so earnestly, those big blue eyes just glimmering with hope...

I'm a pushover. 

So I put aside my hopes of that heirloom, robin's egg blue smocked bishop, and well...I tried really hard to be at peace with the polyester. It made her so happy. And she said on Easter morning with her little lisp that it was "Her princeth dreth" (princess dress)

Easter Eve we went to dye Disney princess eggs...only to find they had forgotten to put our dye tablets in the box. Luckily I'm a pushover...and I had bought her the two kits she wanted instead of just the we dyed majestic eggs instead. 

we only got to hunt them outside once...because it rained.
See? Off year. 

Easter night...she woke David and me up at 2:00 am...fever blazing and her entire body covered with a horrible, itchy, angry red rash.

I didn't have a single tube of itch cream or a single drop of childrens Benedryl in the house. But David was dressed and ready to go to the store in five minutes to get her some itch cream and Benedryl.
He is so good. So very good.
But finally around 3:15 she fell into a feverish sleep and forgot to we waited until this morning and headed straight back to the Pediatrician.


It's a relapse of her virus, which means all our fun Spring Break plans were cancelled, tears were shed, and she and I partook in a 3 1/2 hour marathon nap.

Just now she crawled up in my lap...which is always a sign of a sick Bella...she seldom has time for such snuggles. 
So I have all three of my children squirming. Two in my belly are writhing angrily as they grow and lose space...and one on my lap is squirming restlessly to get comfy around the large bubble blocking her usual nest she makes against me.

In other news, I ate an entire Pepperidge Farm coconut cake.

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter...I'm off to snuggle a Bella.


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