Friday, March 29, 2013

Just another day in paradise

Today I managed to get absolutely nothing accomplished besides putting one load of laundry away and cooking David's Favorite Pasta for dinner.

I made a grocery list then didn't go to the store. I took a shower, and didn't do my hair. There's always tomorrow, I suppose.
 I took an anemic 2 hour nap. which only made me more tired,
and the supper dishes are piled in the sink, but now I'm ready for bed. Truly.

Yesterday I had an agenda, to have lunch at work with my handsome man, and then to the grocery store before I picked Isabella up from school....but right as I was stepping into the shower, the shool nurse called.

Does anyone else's heart stop when the school nurse calls?

My poor baby had vomited all over the gymnasium floor. When I got to the school, she was lying her head on her desk while her classmate's ate Easter Party cupcakes, I asked her how she felt and she told me she wanted to come home and rest...uh-oh.

She vomited in the car in an Easter treat bag on the way home.
Then she vomited again at home...right before she fell into a deep feverish sleep.
A trip to our pediatrician set my mind at ease about it not being the flu, but my baby has a humdinger of a virus.

This little face breaks my heart. 

We spent the entire day on the couch, sipping water and snuggling. We watched Max And Ruby's Easter and Peter Rabbit about 5 times apiece. Her fever broke around 9:30 p.m. and right before she fell asleep holding my hand, she sleepily told me I was the best mom in the world. A bag full of diamonds couldn't make me more happy than that.

Today she was much better. Still slightly feverish, and a few tummy troubles...but she was up and playing like normal and BEGGING for some of the candy out of her school treat basket. She had lined up every piece on the couch but wouldn't eat any until she had permission. 

She breaks my heart wide open.

We were pleased that our neighborhood visitor paid us a call this morning. He was curled up asleep in his spot...waiting for his bowl of tuna. We have no idea where he lives, and he's not fixed nor does he wear a collar...but he's plump and well taken care of. We love him and his random visits...and he knows he'll always get a bowl full of tuna on our front porch. 

Maybe we will nick-name him Tuna.

Isabella was in and out of the house all afternoon, administering cuddles, talking to him and generally disturbing his marathon cat nap.

At one point she picked me a bouquet of "flowers" out of our overgrown front lawn :) 

Better than a dozen roses :)


Tonight I snuggled her close, it dawned on me how quickly she's growing one day I am going to wake up and she will be too cool for me, too cool to hold my hand at night...
I can't bear that thought.
So I snuggled her until her little warm body went limp in my arms...that is the most glorious snuggle your child until they succumb to sleep. 
I did my best to kiss every freckle on her sweet little nose, sniffed her clean hair, held her hand and looked at her fingernails...they had crayon underneath them.

It's probably the cocktail of pregnancy hormones surging through my veins...but I could have cried out of gratitude. Being a mom is the fiercest kind of love I have ever encountered. It's draining, exhausting, all encompassing, protective, sometimes trying, but oh IS the best.

So tonight, even though I pretty much did nothing all day long...I am so grateful for this day I had. Grateful for my sweet little one, grateful for motherhood in general. I'm humbled by my blessings, I don't deserve them, but God has given them to me makes me want to gather up my young, protect them and do the best job I can possibly do to raise them right, because I know I'm not entitled to these sweet babies I have, they are special gifts that have been entrusted to me to care for and nurture. 

It is both thrilling and terrifying, but more wonderful than words can describe!


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