Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Snow Day

Oh, Tennessee March, you are such a tease. 

Received the 'No School' call this morning at 5:45 a.m. after which I turned off my phone and burrowed that much deeper into the covers. Tucked warm and snug between a snoring hubby and a snuggly little one, the snowflakes swirled their paths to the ground while we slept peacefully until 9:30.


Hubby wasn't lucky enough to get an entire snow day, but didn't have to be at work until noon, which meant we all got to share a rare midweek breakfast together.


Side Note: The aspiring gardener in me has been saving all my egg-shells...even in the midst of our chilly day I can't stop thinking about my garden this spring...and spring starts in just a few short weeks! These will go in the freezer, to be crushed and sprinkled around my tomato plants...because this past summer I learned a valuable lesson about calcium deficiencies in soil ;-) And that little jar of strawberry jam? It just happens to be the last of what I canned last spring...Oh how I can't wait to begin canning season again! My nesting instinct has me longing to get out all of my jars and polish them until they glitter.

Ahem! Anyway...

Meanwhile, while breakfast was cooking...someone stared wistfully out the window and asked on average of every 3-5 minutes was it "time to go outside yet?"

But since the snowflakes were still blowing in sideways, we waited until it stopped enough for play...this was most assuredly a long half hour for a certain little one.

View from the back porch...certainly looks promising!

View from kitchen sink...snow and yet still a few small signs of spring on my windowsill. Notice my sweet crayon hearts? My valentine made these for me all by herself and I can't yet bear to take them down.

At last!

I watched from the living room windows, cozily wrapped in my favorite quilt, I snapped these pictures from inside. I figured she wouldn't last long seeing as this morning we realized we lost our waterproof mittens somewhere along the way since our last snowfall. 45 minutes, two very cold hands, and one very red, runny nose later, I heard boots tramping up the stairs...

Time to strip down to our thermals and sip a mug of princess hot chocolate!

Mmm...whipped cream! Or as Isabella calls it, "squirt cream" we got a little too excited about the "squirt cream" and spilled hot chocolate all down ourselves...but that's okay because all we really wanted was to eat that squirt cream anyway.

So now what? however shall we entertain ourselves for the rest of the day? 

Well, washing dishes is one of her favorite pastimes...

But we soon tired of I printed out some spring themed coloring sheets, because hope of spring springs eternal in a southern heart...even on a snow day.

Aerial view of my two little sparrows. This always makes me chuckle when I look down. 

I found some amazing stained glass coloring pages...she loved them!

I love them too. In fact, I covered them with contact paper and they just might replace my hearts on the kitchen sink window. Although I also contact papered the hearts while I was at preserve and use for next February and Februaries to come :) 

you have to hold your mouth just right while you cut...

That pretty much sums up the highlights of our snow day...although the major highlight for me was snuggling in bed with episodes of Little Bear on my laptop...while mommy caught a blessed 45 minute snooze...


  1. Love it. Especially the pictures of Isabella. And the one of the sparrows.

  2. That was soooo enjoyable!! Loved all the pics, but especially the one of the sparrows. :)