Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Snow is in the weather report this week, but today it is cold, gloomy and full of rain. I have nowhere I need or have to be...I have no pressing agendas. My nest is clean and sparkling, my pantry is stocked for the week, my meals are planned...this is just the type of day I love best. My candles get lit and I typically go into full-blown squirrel nesting mode.

This morning was somewhat of an anomaly, we all awoke peacefully, Isabella went through her morning routines without a hitch, and I was even able to pack her a healthy lunch. The feeling of productivity went straight to my head, and on the drive home from taking her to school I planned out in my mind, an elaborate agenda for my day.

When I returned home, the rain was noisily pelting the windows and the chill had gone straight to my bones. But my hubby, who seems to know me inside and out, to the very core of my being...did an incredibly sweet gesture.

As I was gathering laundry off the floor, chattering on about doing this and accomplishing that, breathless from bending down around my big pregnant belly...he quietly had been going behind me, turning down the covers on our bed, closing blinds, and switching on my box fan I like to use for white noise while I sleep. 

Have I mentioned lately, how much I adore that man? 

He gave me a quick snuggle before leaving for work, then told me to take a long nap, rest our was too rainy and cold to go out anyway. 

And so I did. All the while my little ones kicking and wriggling inside me in protest...but I've learned to sleep through all that now. I imagine I must have looked something like this...

...although not nearly as cute and sweet. And maybe insert a little snoring here and there.


  1. I think you've got you a keeper. Hope your day has continued to be peaceful. Enjoy all your psots.

  2. You are the perfect mommy blogger:)