Monday, March 25, 2013

3rd trimester blues...A TMI post.

So I have arrived at my final destination. The Third Trimester. There aren't any left after this one...the big event is only weeks away, less than 12 weeks I will go from being the mother of one, to the mother of three. 

This milestone is riddled with curiosities for me. 
And strange symptoms. 

First of all, I'm a little blue. I'm almost sad because now that I know I have inherited the genetic potential to produce doubly...this will undoubtedly be my last pregnancy. Like ever. Truth be told...when I'm not feeling tired, run down, nauseous, or just downright crappy...I love being pregnant. I love tracking their growth and feeling their sweet little movements. Something about carrying them with me throughout my day, feeling them move's just so sweet and natural.

I'm also...VERY relieved. It's almost over! I can't wait to sleep on my stomach, not tinkle on myself when I sneeze, not crave an angus burger at 1 a.m., not cry at Dawn soap commercials where they wash the grease off the baby duck, not dream lucid dreams that cause me to wake up feeling guilty, sheepish or confused...I can't wait to, ya know...feel normal.

I also can't wait to bend down and pick things up off the floor. Lately, I just use my feet if it's something important, or I wait until Isabella gets home from school. 

Strange things have definitely been happening to me. For milk came in. At 26 weeks. This did NOT happen to me with Isabella until about three days after she was born. I knew things would be different with two...but that one really shocked the pants off of me, not to mention it grossed out my husband. When I told him, I really thought he was going to hit the ceiling and cling to it with his claws like a cartoon cat. 
 He regards that area with a dubious expression and a healthy amount of space these days. No amount of reassurance on my part that no, they will NOT erupt "at him" is enough to convince poor ole daddy. 

I can't wait for him to change his first baby boy diaper. 

I have officially started my preparations.
I waddle about, nesting here, organizing there. I have a long list of freezer meals to prepare and stockpile my freezer. A menu for those first few weeks of mayhem planned out in my head and ready to be comprised onto paper. I'm busily sewing sweet little pink and blue bits for when my bundles arrive. And thanks to our wonderful group of family and friends, we have already amassed an impressive stockpile of diapers and wipes, which I have organized in the "baby closet"

Construction on the "Surprise-It's-Two-Room" we're adding onto our house is drawing to an end as well.

We are blessed.

So now, without further ado, the 27 week belly. Brace yo-self!!!!

The spots on the image are toothpaste. I took this in Isabella's bathroom, and lets just say, her aim leaves a lot to be does my gumption for cleaning mirrors.


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