Friday, March 8, 2013

Our snow was melted completely by Wednesday evening, and since then we have been enjoying sunny spring-like days...of course

Yesterday I had big plans for a Dr. visit to see the twins, and some major productivity while Isabella was at school...but she woke me up with projectile vomit, which lasted all throughout the day, so we spent the afternoon snuggled in bed watching movies and the evening sleeping cheek to cheek. I'm not complaining :)

Thankfully she was better by the next morning, so I had no excuse to keep her home another day :( I did however, pick her up from school at the earlier time. I wanted to take her with me to choose our seeds for this summer's garden. I was excited to get to Lowe's with her. That girl loves choosing seeds!

But as fate would have it...I bumped right into my mom and dad...Isabella immediately took off with Granddaddy, leaving me to browse the seeds at leisure and pick my mom's brain for various gardening tips.

We went ahead and started our tomato plants today. Isabella is very gleefully showing me her "green thumb"

We chose three different varieties. Heirloom Brandywine pinks, Brandywine reds (so I can harvest my own seeds for next year!)...and Isabella's selection, Bush Big Boys.

My mom's thrifty idea for seed tags...cut up milk jugs and label them with a Sharpie. 


I do love that tiny little hand.

Our little starter sits by the back door, a prime spot for that morning and afternoon sun. 

My helper proved herself to be quite proficient!

I was surprised at how careful and deliberate she was with this project...considering she usually moves like a bull in a china shop...

Oh, but we have big plans. Last year's two beds just won't more large bed for my vegetables and another smallish bed for my herbs ought to do it for now. I plan on being knee deep in dirt all this spring and summer...that is until these babies force me to the hospital :)


  1. My comment seems to have disappeared. Love that little face. I know she had fun gardening with her mama.