Sunday, September 15, 2013

Football is playing in the background, my house is a mess and I have a nursling asleep in my lap whose head makes it hard for typing.

Football sounds make me feel twitchy.

It's been one of those days where I fluctuated between wanting to kiss Isabella's cheeks off or send her to bed early. WHEW!
Parenting makes you feel rather insane.
Repeating yourself  or a certain action over and over expecting a different outcome, isn't that a sign of insanity? Well, it's a regular practice here.

I love my kids and I wouldn't change a thing, but...
I. Am. Pooped.

I keep holding my breath hoping that my groove is just around the corner, but just when I think I have found it, it sneaks away like the hamburgler, never to be seen again, or least not until next week.
I just revealed my age by referencing the hamburgler. Google it.

I keep seeing my other mom friends and they seem to have it so together. As a general rule I try to avoid mom comparison, as it is unhealthy and only fosters discontent, but gee whizz, it's hard to miss these moms. How do they have time for such fabulous hair and make-up?! And all those pretty selfies? If I were to take a selfy right now it would look like a mug shot for a backwood's county girl caught shoplifting eyeshadow at the local Big Lots. 

So is there something I am missing?! Some magical mom serum? a Pandora's box of mom secrets that I am just totally missing out on?  I'm just going to be bitter and go ahead and say I bet it took them all day to look that perfect and underneath that pretty headshot of them in their car they have spit-up on their pants and baby poop under their manicure.

I feel better now. 

My roots aren't done, I look like I'm sporting ombre hair, my eyebrows need their own zipcode, and don't even get me started on my toenails.

I'm trying not to wallow, can you tell? ;-) instead I will focus on these moments I captured throughout my day today...if I'm feeling down I will just look at these sweet faces, and sniff a baby head.

Yep. I feel better now :)


  1. Oh my gosh! I feel this way every day! And I only have two kids!