Monday, December 16, 2013

I feel like I get lost in my days, caught up in my to-do lists and find myself brushing important stuff to the side. 

I know I'm not the only mom who does this, it's a common plight of motherhood, we are so busy doing all of the things that makes life comfortable and and easier for our family that we forget to enjoy...our family. 

As I sit here tonight, at nearly midnight, I have 2 out of 3 kids asleep. This is pretty huge right now in this current phase of our household. It is, as it turns out, a miracle when all of your children sleep  
at the same time. 
 But I digress...Ahem! Focus, man, focus. As I sit here tonight, I'm chastising myself for the moments I missed this week because I was too busy running around like a chicken with its head cut off. (And it's only Monday) True, I have twins with RSV, one freshly healed but still within the 2 week period, and one right in the feverish throngs...but here I am, Miss Chatisey Chastiser Chasttisenstien.
 My son is wide awake playing with the tag on his exersaucer and grunting. Always grunting. So I've really got nothing but time, here. 

 A few of my favorite moments from this weekend:
I was vindicated about something that has plagued me for a couple of years now. 
It left me feeling powerful, like if I had been a cartoon, I would have been standing on a tall building, perfect eyebrows and busty, with my hair flowing and my toned (but not muscular) arms on my hips whilst gazing into the horizon.
Are you ready?
 I woke my husband up with my snoring. 
Yep, you heard me. ALL these (2) years he has startled me awake with his snortling and's a huge problem.
So waking up the other morning, to have him announce with only a mild hint of annoyance "You were snoring a lot last night. Really cutting 'em. It woke me up"
 It kinda felt like this...

Isabella sang in her little church choir yesterday morning. It's always a joy. They are innocence incarnate, up there singing their little hearts out and whew! Gets me every time. 
They put a tall boy right in front of her, though. 
All I could see was her giant Christmas bow bobbing voraciously on top of that precious little head of hers. But watching that big ole bow was enough. 
It was enough.
It won't be long now until she fights the good fight and those hairbows are put asunder.

I overheard my husband singing a very out of tune version of You Are My Sunshine to our sick little baby, because it's what I sing to them every night. He sang her to sleep.

I'm sorry, but until you've heard your man sing a lullaby to your just don't know true love.

My heart feels like this:

The end.



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