Friday, December 13, 2013

room and gloom

Dear Diary,
Last night we had a cozy night in, we had plans to venture out and do some Christmas shopping, but with one sick twin acting a little sicker, we decided 'twas best to stay put.

I opted to whip up some White Trash (Also known to most as Muddy Buddies) because they're Hubby's and Bella's fave. We munched on it all night...

I hate the word munch. 

...we nibbled on it all night,

Ugh! Nibble *gag* that's even worse.

We stuffed our gobs with it all night, and I read to Isabella out of our overdue library book, Little House On The Prairie, until she pretended to fall asleep on the couch. So, David carried her to bed by her feet.

Later as I was putting laundry away, trying to tidy up after my small fries were in bed...I attempted to sneak into Isabella's room to put away the three pairs of shoes that were scattered in the living room and I was greeted at the door by THIS:

My knee-jerk reaction was annoyance. Just three weeks ago I spent 2 1/2hours cleaning this room and throwing away junk...I turned my back for five minutes and WHAM it looked just like this...but tonight it was a whole new level of scary.
Fire codes are surely being broken somewhere. There's clearly a path carved out from her door to her bed, reminiscent of an episode of Hoarders Buried Alive!
 Tell me, does anyone else's kid's room look like this? Don't lie, nobody likes a fibber!

 I sat and thought about all of the things this room has been today.
At one point it was a spaceship
a school
a house
"a fancy free hotel with service"
a kitchen
a restaurant
Santa's sleigh

That's a lot of costume changes for one room to undergo. I guess I should be grateful it doesn't look worse...and that I have a child who likes to use imaginative play.

But as soon as she's not looking...I'm going in welding my toy rotation bag!


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