Saturday, August 4, 2012

It's been nearly an entire year since my last post-a good year. A busy year.

Isabella and I have been courted by a very fine, southeren gentleman for 16 months. (That's one year and three months just in case you were wondering) and guess what? He must have liked us a little bit, because he asked us to marry him.

So we did.

My nerves got the better of very peacefully we skittered off to Charleston, left The Bella with my parents, and together he and I walked the seashore hand-in-hand, talked about our hopes and dreams, and crossed the momentous thresh-hold of matrimony. We never stopped smiling and he held my hands so tightly that my knuckles hurt.

I wore pearls, a vintage blue lace dress and no shoes to speak of.

Blessings abound and I am humbled.

Lately, we three-that is Isabella, myself...and my husband (tee-hee!) are busy nesting our home, settling into routines and very merrily getting used to living with one another. It is sweet, natural and and at times, very curious...but I think we are getting the hang of it.

Sometimes, I miss my mom. That's probably weird. Oh well.

I should also add that my mom recently taught me how to can.
I love canning. With my entire being.
The end.

My wedding dress...ordered it from, they have tons of vintage reproductions that make me swoon.

My peaches! They float, which is weird to me.


  1. YAY!! I'm so glad you are back on FB and blogging again. It's been too dull around here. :) Looking forward to much needed comic relief on FB.

  2. Yay, glad you are back. Good post by the way.

  3. It is good to have you back Peach! Ms Gaye was do liven things up round here:) So happy all is well in your little corner of the world....blessings to you and your sweet new family! xoxo~~~Shine