Monday, August 13, 2012

See this little vignette? Two of my favorite things...hoot-owls and big earrings.

All week long Isabella had been talking about buying me a birthday present. So yesterday morning, she and David went out on a "date" He asked her where she wanted to go, and she replied that she wanted to buy her mommy some earrings.

Oh, my sweet little thing! How I love that girl.

Well, David took her to the closest jewelry store, and let her pick some things out. He said she immediately chose the hoot owls. (she also got one for herself because she liked them so much. That just tickled me!)

She very proudly crumpled them up into a pink paper bag and presented them to me. When I opened the bag my heart just swelled up as big as a balloon. My little girl has been paying attention to me more than I knew. She chose the owls because she "knows that I love hoot owls" and she chose the silver earrings because "they match the black ones that you have already-now you have TWO pairs!"

When your children notice what you love, remember it then show you that they care with little gestures like is the most special feeling. I can't even describe.

So, I just grin all over and kiss and hug her 'til she makes me stop. 



  1. The most priceless thing was her sweet little face all pink with pride and pleasure as she nervously kept tucking her hair behind her ear. She really wanted you to love what she chose for you. Moma's acceptance is a powerful thing.

  2. that some precious stuff there.

  3. She's a heart stealer alright:) She also has very good taste!