Sunday, January 18, 2015

Shew Lawsy!

It's been a busy week! With hubby getting back into the swing of things after being off of work for a month, and us getting back into our regular schedule of engagements, plus a few extras...I'm pooped!!! 

We had a fun midweek treat when some friends invited us over to see their sweet new baby goats...they were so tiny! Isabella was instantly in love and the twins, who I thought would be terrified,  were actually fascinated! 

Isabella is holding baby Rudy, the sweetest little brown goat I've ever seen. He let us hold him and pet him until our heart's content. Isabella is now obsessed with goats...and if it wasn't for the darned neighborhood ordinances I would be more than happy to oblige her! Someday, Isabella!!

This weekend Isabella cheered, and she got to call the cheer at halftime. It was so cute. I love that she has found something that excites her so much! She absolutely loves it! 

My sweet babies are so good natured, they get lugged around to co-op, karate, cheer practice, games and wherever else we have to go that week but as long as they have snacks, mommy and room to run they're happy little boogers. Hard work, but happy :) 

Sometimes though we get so tired that we fall asleep with a chicken Mcnugget in our hand. 

Or we just lay down in the middle of the hallway at church during cheer practice. 

Some days I fall asleep with chicken nuggets in my hand too, and there's been plenty of times I've wished it was socially acceptable to lay down in the floor in public ;-) 

There's been plenty of mischief this week, hubby worked all weekend on the production team for the resurrection youth conference, so it was late nights for him and exhausting days for mama! I'm jealous because he gets to rub elbows with some of my favorite Christian no fair!!! I'm at home cleaning up a sippie cute that Beckett decided to play in. No joke. What is it about playing in liquids?!?!

That is the face of guilt, folks. 

Needless to say I am SO EXCITED that hubby gets a day off tomorrow!! :) :) Mama's got a hot date with her sewing Machine and a diet coke. 


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