Tuesday, January 13, 2015

To-do about Tuesdays...

Today was a busy one! Been buzzing about tonight in my craft room.

Tuesday's are our co-op day when Isabella goes to enjoy quality time with other homeschoolers. Exhausting for mama and traumatic for the twins but absolute bliss for my little social butterfly. 

I love the socialization too! But this Mama will enjoy Tuesdays a whole lot more when the twins grow out of their clingy stage! 

Then afterwards we enjoyed a playdate with our dear friends. They just moved into their lovely new house which is gloriously closer to us! This allows for more visits and fun :) There's nothing more exciting than feathering a shiny new nest! Except maybe getting to show it off :) Beckett was so tired he fell asleep in my lap at the table...Nora Jane was so tired she fell asleep while I was buckling her into her car seat...that means it's been a GOOD day! :)

Yesterday my shipment of glittered vinyl came in the mail and I've been pretty much foaming at the mouth to play with it uninterrupted! 

May not look like much to you, but for me this is heaven. My machine sews on it like butter. I had quite a few custom orders to get processed for shipping tonight, so I was only able to crank out a couple of projects, but they were fun! 

These Easter egg headbands are listed in my shop! 

A couple of sparkly monogrammed Hairbow buttons for a couple of princesses I know, and a bundle of random valentine felties. Man oh man...i'm addicted to felties. 

Thinking about listing some monogrammed bow buttons in my shop, we sure like them and they spice up a simple bow so nicely.

Hubby surprised me with a couple of Ott lights after Christmas...they have literally changed my crafting life! I never knew how wonderful proper lighting was until now! 

Ho-hum time to put away my toys and be a grownup again...until tomorrow night that is! :)



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