Sunday, January 11, 2015

Weekend recap

This is my first trial run of blogging from my new iPhone that my hubby got me for Christmas. I can already tell this will be much more efficient and convenient! Although there are a few features I miss from my laptop that aren't available on the blog app...I can tell I will be using this app a lot!

We've had such a great winter break with our Big Daddy! We've been very spoiled having him home for a month and nobody is looking forward to him going back to work tomorrow. He's so hands-on with the kids. I'm not sure what I will do without him!

But now it's time to get down and dirty with our homeschooling...we started back last week but took a light approach since all anybody wants to do while big daddy is home is hang out. It's hard to focus on adding three digit numbers when there's a wrestling match with the twins going on on the living room floor is all I'm saying.

Time to start the spring break countdown! 

We spent his last weekend before going back to work watching Isabella cheer at her very first basketball game! We had a birthday party for a dear friend and we started another household project as we slowly but surely get our house ready to sell sometime in the future. Normal and low favorite! 

Here are a few of my favorite moments.     
Isabella the cheerleader! Oh the cuteness was all around! She had such a blast! And all the little girls on her squad are adorable. I can really see myself digging this whole cheer mom thing. I made her bow...and it looks like I'll be making them for the entire squad as well! So. Much. Fun. She's cheering through Upward, ta local church program that's totally Christian based which we LOVE.  
I started and blew a diet all in the same day. Let's just say there was a Hostess  display and lack of willpower involved.  I'll try again tomorrow. That's what I love most about tomorrows. 
This cute little scene...Isabella and Beckett enjoying a snack together and watching a movie. These two. They're inseparable.
Nora and Beck put their new bathtub crayons to use. Colored the entire tub. 
Beckett and Nora in the middle of a serious conversation at the birthday party we attended. Always blurry and always on the move, these two. 
I can't get enough of watching them watch tv together. Twins are amazing. 
Isabella holding a GIGANTIC Python. Ack!!!! Yuck!!!! No thanks!!!! 
Here's the head of that thing. NO WAY MAN!!!!! if you're looking for me I'll be clinging to the ceiling by my toenails. 
I showed my husband how I can shove grapes in my upper lip. Yeah...I'm approaching 30...why do you ask? C'mon!!!! Like you never.... 

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Here's to Monday! Pass the diet coke, please!!! 


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